Private and Semi-Private Yoga Lessons

From students who are completely new to yoga, to the more seasoned ones, Private Yoga Lessons can improve your practice immensely. It will help answer questions, deepen your pranayama (breath) practice, as well as correct your alignment, just to mention a few.  For beginners, it is a good way to ease the anticipation of what practice would be like and help break the ice into what will become a very beneficial addition to your daily life. You may also find it fun to gather up a group of friends for  a semi-private lesson. Whatever your choice, take your practice to the next level and enjoy! 

Gold Memberships receive 10% off Private Lessons


Private Yoga Single Sessions​

  • Private Yoga 1 Student: $80 / 1 hr

  • Private Yoga 2 Students: $159 / 1 hr

  • Private Yoga 3 - 5 Students: $300 / 1 hr

  • Private Yoga 6 - 10 Students: $430 / 1 hr

Private Yoga Series 3 classes
  • Private Yoga 1 Student Series: $225
  • Private Yoga 3 - 5 Students Series : $670
  • *Large group pricing available. Contact us for details. 
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