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Heart Health

Use of Far Infrared heat improves circulation, reduces fluid around the heart, and helps better overall heart function.

Improves Arthritis

Each of us is searching for a way to ease the aches and pains of aging.  Arthritis is the body’s way of signaling us that we are experiencing aging or joint issues.  Heating the body with Far Infrared heat will help remove inflammation around the joints and soften the ache of arthritis. 

Reduces Pain

Far Infrared Heat Therapy is leading the way in pain reduction.  From heating pads to pain strips, we see this technology used on a daily basis for spot reduction of pain.  Heating the overall body under the comforting heat of Far Infrared Lights allows you to experience a greater reduction in pain while enhancing your practice.

Promotes Cellular Growth

Thousands of cells break down and are rebuilt on a daily basis in the human body.  Cellular growth is essential to good health.  Current research points to increased cellular functioning with the use of Far Infrared Heat.

Increases and Improves Circulation

Increased heart rate induced by heating tissues increases blood flow throughout the body.  A healthy circulatory system results in a healthier body by moving oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and removing what is no longer needed.  Practicing yoga under Far Infrared heat with proper breathing and alignment all help improve your health.

Experience Better Sleep

The warmth of the studio will ease tense aching muscles and the pain of arthritis, bursitis, injury, or chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia.  This enhanced relaxation and well being lasts well past classes under infrared heat and helps you have deeper, more restful sleep.

Enhances Muscular Health

You’ve heard the phrase, “a healthy muscle is a happy muscle”.  We can all agree that practicing yoga helps improve muscular health; we can all also agree that torn muscles or stretched ligaments and tendons are an issue in exercise.  By heating the muscles gently and increasing circulation with Far Infrared Heat, you can find enhanced muscular health, experience fewer muscle strains, and find more enjoyment in your practice.

Clears Skin Issues

Increased heating and perspiration through better circulation pulls wastes from the body through the skin.  Heat enlarges the skin pores allowing for easy removal of dirt and sweat helping skin cells heal faster and function better.   Washing away the resultant perspiration leaves the skin clean and rejuvenated.  Far-Infrared Heat can help students: reduce & clear acne, speed healing of cuts and bruises, help heal rashes and other skin irritations.

Augments Weight Loss

Removing harmful substances through perspiration and increasing the heart rate, which results in greater circulation, helps the body strive to reach its highest potential. Research demonstrates that the resultant perspiration from Infrared Heat contains 90% toxins – not just water loss.  Simply put, sweat is good for the body and you will find healthier sweating under infrared heat then traditional heating sources.

Stress Reduction

Taking a short time away from the cares of the world in a yoga class definitely helps reduce daily stress.  Practicing under the comforting warmth of Far Infrared heat significantly aids in stress reduction.  This time allows the body to begin to function properly and mind to relax from the stress and strains of daily life.  It provides a quiet, reflective time for you as well as a relaxing social environment.

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