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Please follow these guidelines to create the best experience for yourself & others at our studio. 

These guidelines are not optional. We appreciate everyone collectively creating the best experience for themselves and others at IYS

  • Reservations are required

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class is scheduled to start

  • ​Doors are locked during classes. If you arrive and doors are locked, you will not be able to get in​

  • Have your IYS app open with your barcode ready for check in

  • Once you've checked in - silence all electronic devices

  • Leave all your belongings in the cubby room 

  • Cell phones are NOT allowed in the practice area (even if silenced)

  • Shoes are NOT allowed in the practice area

  • Bring ONLY your yoga mat, water bottle with a closed lid,  and towel to the practice area

  • Quiet voice in practice area  while waiting for class to start

  • Savasana is part of class. Please do not ask to or leave while in this posture. 

  • Everything you do affects the experience of  others = BE LIGHT ✨

  • Take care of you 🙏🏼

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