Guided Vinyasa - Advanced
Strength/ Growth/Cardiovascular Development
In this Guided Vinyasa practice, the instructor leads you the entire class. You are never left to flow on your own.  You will be taken through sequences of  intermediate to advanced postures that are linked to the rhythm of the breath. The sequence of postures is repeated throughout the practice to connect mind, breath, and movement. Prior practice experience is recommended for this class. The temperature in this class reaches 90 degrees. Be prepared to sweat, let loose, and enjoy yourself! 
Yoga Nidra-All Levels
Relaxation / Meditation

 Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation.

In the practice you will be laying in savasana while the instructor guides you through different awareness points:

  • Intention

  • Body awareness

  • Breath awareness

  • Emotional awareness

  • Visualization

  • “Waking up” or re-integration

Each step is intended to take you deeper into an altered state of consciousness—the state between asleep and awake—where you’re fully conscious but your body and mind are fully at rest and ease. When you set a conscious intention at the beginning of your yoga nidra practice, and then let go and allow for deep relaxation of the body, mind and emotions, your unconscious opens up to new ways of thinking, healing, and fulfilling your conscious intentions.

There is evidence that yoga nidra helps to relieve stress and promote a goodnight sleep. 

The studio will be kept warm. Students can bring pillows or blankets to lay more comfortably on their mats. 
Slow Vinyasa Flow - All Levels
A combination of movement and held postures to increase strength and flexibility. The student is encouraged to establish a deep connection to the breath in order to bring balance to the mind and body.  The temperature in this class reaches 90 degrees. Prior experience is recommended but not necessary.
Vin Yin Yoga - Advanced

The best of both worlds! The first half of the class will be a Guided Vinyasa Flow followed by Yin postures. The Guided Vinyasa will warm and loosen you up in preparation for the Yin postures. Yin postures are passively held postures that reach connective tissues and ligaments promoting deeper opening of the body and all around relaxation.

The temperature in this class reaches 90 degrees. Prior experience is recommended.

Hatha - All Levels
Strength/ Growth / Development
Hatha Yoga uses traditional postures (asanas) and stretches in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. Hatha Yoga encourages proper alignment of the body to bring balance, strength, and calmness to the practitioner. Each posture is visited from one side to the other, giving the student the opportunity to experience each posture to its fullest and to make the necessary adjustments from side to side to achieve optimal balance in the body.  The temperature in this class reaches 90 degrees. Excellent for beginners and seasoned students alike.
Yin Yoga - All levels
Passive postures are held between 3-5 minutes to encourage the body to relax and melt into them.  By allowing more time to truly get into the posture, the stretch goes beyond our muscles and into the connective tissues releasing more tension and stress out of the body. All levels of practice will greatly benefit from this class.  The temperature in this class reaches 90 degrees. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed!

Private Lessons

From students who are completely new to yoga, to the more seasoned ones, Private Yoga Lessons can improve your practice immensely. It will help answer questions, deepen your pranayama (breath) practice, as well as correct your alignment, just to mention a few.  For beginners, it is a good way to ease the anticipation of what practice would be like and help break the ice into what will become a very beneficial addition to your daily life. You may also find it fun to gather up a group of friends for  a semi-private lesson. Whatever your choice, take your practice to the next level and enjoy!
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